I met a guy once who had never seen the ocean. We became friends, I took him to my hometown and we went out sailing with my dad. He said something that shook me: “the biggest atrocity of all would be to neglect such a place”. Quite Shakespearean I’d say, but my friendo was right.

We discovered that there’s a humongous problem with nano-particles of plastic in the ocean recently, and decided to do something about it. We created a new collection for Adidas that collects this plastic as you swim, so we can all take part in the fight.

AD: Nuno Monteiro.
AD: Youssef Keskes.
CW: Juan Miralles.
CD: Florian Weitzel, CD, Chimney, Berlin (Germany).
CD: David Herrmann, CCO, Phosphene, Berlin (Germany).

Future Lions 2018 Shortlist

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