One of the first things you’ll notice, if we ever go to the beach together, is that my skin is a bit too white for a kid born by the sea –this dreadful German weather is worse than bleach. The second might be that I’m a bit like a Dalmatian. That’s why I need to always use sunscreen in summer, so the moles don’t turn into cancer.

Doing some research about it, we found out that Melanoma is responsible of 75% of all deaths from skin cancer. That’s A LOT OF PEOPLE, for real. Most of the times, all it takes to stop it is a simple test anybody can perform, even the new iPhone X. Well, that second part was what we came up with.

AD: Gonçalo Gameiro.
CW: Paula Gete-Alonso.
AD & Motion Graphics: Juan Miralles.
Teacher: Emanuel Vinkler, AD, 360i, New York (USA).