Mens sana in corpore sano” read a mosaic at the entrance of my high-school’s gym. It was a cryptic reminder –you know, nobody in a tiny town in the south of Spain speaks Latin anymore– to have a healthy mind, in a healthy body.

In advertising it’s a bit like that: it’s crucial to give your ideas a solid external appearance, so they can survive out there. Of course, the idea comes first, but without a proper execution they are helpless.

As a student, you cannot count on pro-illustrators or film-makers to take your ideas into the real world; it’s up to you. That’s why, over the past few years, I gradually got more and more into illustration, photography, copywriting and screenwriting. Here you have an example of a campaign we crafted with loads of love.

CW: Youssef Keskes.
AD: Leti Cabana
Illustration: Juan Miralles.
CD: Kensui Arao, CD, Ogilvy, Tokyo (Japan).

Ads of the world

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