I don’t know about you, but I was a tiny little monster as a kid. My brothers and I would play a game we made up that we called el Barco en la Cama –something like “Boat in Bed” (nope, it doesn’t make any sense in Spanish either). We’d imagine our bunker bed was a boat sailing near our city’s shore, fighting the bad guys and discovering amazing treasures buried in the most random places. We’d be dragons, ninjas or Godzilla depending on the day; some days we’d chase the monsters, others we’d be the monsters ourselves.

Then we grew up, moved out of our town and my baby brother even got a girlfriend. (Jeez, time flies). But somehow all that fresh imagination remained inside, hidden deep underneath our grown-up façades.

Years later, we got this brief for Sonnet, a Canadian insurance company. They wanted people to stay optimistic, to dream big, to stop fearing “what may happen”. They needed to start a different conversation with their clients –one not based on their fears but on their possibilities ahead– and that’s why we came up this print campaign.

As a kid, we would go on the most thrilling adventures without worrying about it. Even if a dragon sets on fire your castle, or a martian crashes your rocket, you don’t need to fear the consequences because Sonnet has your back.

AD: Gonçalo Gameiro.
CW: Paula Gete-Alonso.
CW & Illustration: Juan Miralles.
Teacher: Emanuel Vinkler, AD, 360i, New York (USA).

ADC Young Ones 2018 Merit
One Show 2018 Merit

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